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Breaking News
Caltrans releases
SR-710 draft EIR/EIS.

Be sure to send in your comments by
July 6th 2015

Comments can go to:
Garrett Damrath, Chief Environmental Planner
Caltrans District 7, Division of Environmental Planning
100 South Main Street, MS-16A
Los Angeles, CA 90012

"The Question is..." with Anthony Portantino
Guests Ara Najarian, Robbyn Battles and Sergio Gonzalez discuss the SR-710 Tunnel issue See the Link here

Press Releases

No 710 Action Committee to Show Countywide Opposition to Tunnel (PDF)
Hundreds of LA County Citizens will March in South Pasadena's 4th of July Parade, 6/30/2014

Meetings & Events

March 17 Tuesday 3:00 – 5:00 PM AND March 18 Wednesday 5:00 – 7:00 PM
Notice of Preparation (NOP) Program Environmental Impact Report for the 2016-2040 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) / Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS)
Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) hosts two (similar in content) scoping meetings. We need people to attend both meetings and get the message across that we are not interested in a Tunnel. 
• Carpool information, Sylvia Plummer
• SCAG's Los Angeles office
818 West 7th Street, 12th Floor
Los Angeles, California, 90017
213 236-1800

March 30th, 7- 9 PM
SR-710 North - Extend or Not?
League of Women Voters, Pasadena Area and the Pat Brown Institute invite you to a forum about this controversial issue's future.
Cal State LA, Golden Eagle Ballroom, 3rd Floor 5151 State University Drive, Los Angleles, CA 90032, More information call:PBI 323-343-3770
Parking: Park in Lot 5, you must purchase a parking permit from the yellow permit dispensers. The dispensers accept cash and credit cards.
You will need to register for the event. Here's the link for registration

Saturday, April 11, 10 am - 4 pm
Public Hearings on 710 report
• Map Viewing 10 am to 11 am
• Public Hearing 11 am to 4 pm
East Los Angeles College Rosco Ingalls Auditorium, 1301 Avenida Cesar Chavez, Monterey Park, CA 91754

Tuesday, April 14, 5 pm - 9 pm
Public Hearings on 710 report
• Map Viewing 5 pm - 6 pm
• Public Hearing 6 pm - 9 pm
Pasadena Convention Center
Ballroom, 300 East Green Street, Pasadena, CA 91101

April 13* Tuesday 6:30 PM   *This date may change
Pasadena City Council Meeting, The City Council will meet to discuss and vote on:  Pasadena's local preference as an Alternative for the SR-710 project and a Resolution opposing the SR-710 Tunnel(s)
Pasadena Convention Center Convention Center 300 E. Green ST 91101

Updated 3/15/2015

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The No 710 Action Committee

is a fast growing association of cities, organizations, professionals and citizens who realize that the SR-710 tunnel is an unacceptable alternative to address regional transportation problems. Our mission is to promote solutions that are environmentally and fiscally sound, reduce pollution, lower health risks, relieve congestion, and eliminate public dependence on fossil fuels. The No 710 Action Committee demands that transit authorities operate in an honest and transparent manner that is responsive to the concerns and interests of the impacted communities and the public at large.

Read quotes from candidates and elected officials
who are for or against the 710 extension

Why the SR-710 (Tunnel) is a Bad Idea

  • The SR-710 North Extension is not being built for commuters. It's intended as part of a goods movement system that ties into the Expansion of the I-710 Freeway and the High Desert Corridor.1
  • These 4.9 mile tunnels will not have exits or onramps, further demonstrating that it is not designed for local commuters, but pass-through traffic from the Ports.
  • The SR-710 North Extension (tunnel(s) would connect the lower I-710 Freeway with the already heavily congested I-210 Freeway which will lead to gridlock conditions for everyone.2
  • Cost - Government sources have quoted project cost ranges between $1 - $14 billion to build the tunnel. The current figures being used by LACMTA is $5.425 billion and SCAG is $5.636 billion. The smaller "Big Dig" tunnel, (only 3.5-mile long) was estimated to cost $2.8 billion in 1982 dollars. However, the Boston Globe has estimated that the project will ultimately cost $24 billion, including interest, and that it will not be paid off until 2038.3
  • To pay for the huge construction and upkeep costs (lacking in current estimates), a public-private partnership must be forged. These investors need to make a profit from this deal and tolls will be charged. Tolls create diversion traffic.4 Drivers unwilling to pay the "average" fees of $5.64 for cars and $15.23 for cargo trucks5 will likely take the "short cut" through local neighborhood streets.
  • InfraConsult, a financial consultant, provided a forecast volume of 190,000 annual average daily traffic in the SR-710 North Tunnel for the year 2030 to which a diversion rate of 35% has been applied.4 It is possible that a public-private partnership for the 710 tunnel(s) will fail like other toll roads because the forecasts were based on FLAWED traffic projections6 and traffic volumes may be much lower than expected.7
  • The risk of being killed in a traffic accident occurring in a tunnel is twice as high as on open stretches of motorways.8
  • Roadway tunnels are inherently dangerous. If a fire occurs, there is no easy way out of a tunnel, especially for those with limited mobility.9
  • Vehicle exhaust cannot be properly filtered and will lead to health issues not only for the drivers who use the tunnel10 but also for the surrounding communities where the exhaust is vented.11

Click here to see footnotes for above data (PDF)

This website is designed to provide information
and documentation regarding the 710 tunnel project.